Moonstone’s Reactive Separating Agent (RSA) process is the simplest one-step treatment available!


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Our RSA will save the day

Our custom blended RSA cleaning compounds remove and encapsulate contaminants, resulting in a non-hazardous residue that passes a Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure (TCLP) test and leaves you with clean water for municipal drain discharge or re-use in your facility’s process.


In the field of industrial wastewater treatment, many techniques are available to help remove, reduce or eliminate contaminants.  With the hazardous nature of effluents, preparing industrial wastewater for release into the environment or recycling it for reuse posses an array of complications.


Most of the techniques being used today are multi-step processes and require a large amount of time, as well as extensive handling, to remove suspended solids, oils, and metal ions from the wastewater stream.  Even when these obstacles are alleviated, one significant problem remains for most methods available: residues from these multi-step treatments are still classified as hazardous waste.


The most accepted and best available treatment for these residues is to stabilize them in a matrix (grid), that does not allow for any leaching of hazardous materials into the surrounding environment.  This adds additional manipulation, time, and cost to the process of already overburdened treatment facilities.


Moonstone has solved this issue with our custom blended RSA formulations and one step process.  Laborious, multi step processes can be reduced to a simple and efficient operation, clarifying the contaminated industrial wastewater in a single step.  This yields clean water for re-use or discharge, and a non-leachable, nonhazardous solid as the only by-product.


The best alternative is a system that accomplishes all the steps below, in a very short period of time, with usually only one chemical addition.  Moonstone systems and our RSA blends deliver!


Facts: Moonstone systems and our line of RSA products accomplish your ultimate goal, in a single vessel, in minutes instead of hours.  With our custom blended RSAs, all the contaminant materials in your industrial wastewater will settle to the bottom of the vessel as a floc that can easily be filtered.  What is left meets the criteria of a non-hazardous waste.


The 1-2-3: We test your industrial wastewater, pair it with the perfect Moonstone RSA blend, and design your unique, simple process.